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Brett Scott is the President of Scott Enterprises.

An accomplished entrepreneur residing in New Hampshire, Brett has been active in his local real estate market since 2011.

At a very young age, Brett Scott of NH had an interest in building his own business. Prior to his current interest in commercial real estate, Brett owned and operated several businesses after graduating from high school. He has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and he began his first business venture when he was just twelve years old. Brett created Cash Today (buying and selling ATVs and other vehicles) and ran it for six years. During this time he also founded 125 Hydroseeding, serving as company President for two years.

Brett specializes in investing in commercial properties throughout the state of New Hampshire. He hopes to grow his knowledge and experience within the area in the future. Prior to this, he served as the President of Excel Realty Investments, which focused on residential real estate.

The process of purchasing, renovating, and reselling properties aligns with Brett’s overall forward-thinking approach to business. He is always seeking out areas of high potential and discerning how he can best use his diverse professional background in order to help them grow and improve. In addition to Scott Enterprises, Brett Scott has worked on building many successful companies over the years.

For Brett, there is a definite challenge in switching from residential real estate to commercial, and he is excited to continue to grow Scott Enterprises further and exceed his clients’ expectations for service.

Beyond his professional life as an entrepreneur and business owner, Brett Scott NH enjoys the outdoors and traveling, which he frequently writes about in his other blog. 

By the age of eighteen, Brett had started the next chapter of his professional journey by founding SNT Inc. (now Smokers Haven Superstore). He went on to create five retail locations and open a national distribution company. Brett credits much of the success of each Smokers Haven location on the prior work he had done with his residential real estate company, Excel Realty Investments. Because that company taught him crucial cornerstones of construction, project management, and design, he was able to transfer this knowledge to the successful design and build of each new smoke shop location.

Brett began flipping houses when he was twenty years old.

He went on to gain business experience in a variety of industries.

Now he focuses on buying and selling commercial real estate.

Brett Scott is now shifting his professional focus back to real estate. Ever since he began flipping houses when he was twenty years old, Brett knew that he wanted to make his mark in the industry. However, it was his previous retail experience that renewed his interest in buying, selling, and developing commercial properties. Brett is eager to get more experience in similar projects to those and get first hand experience of how businesses are planted and developed in an area. Now, through Scott Enterprises, he can put all of his energy into doing so.

This blog will focus on Brett Scott’s ongoing interest and activity in the real estate market of New Hampshire. Stay tuned!